Contract Documents

•  Construction Drawings and Specifications

•  Final Review, All Bid Documents

•  Final Cost Estimate

•  Bid Procurement/Contract Awards

What To Expect

Construction Drawings and Specifications: 

Based on the approved Design Development submissions Bogden will prepare Contract Documents consisting of Drawings, Specifications and other documents setting forth in detail the requirements for the construction work necessary for your Project. In addition we will provide a final cost estimate updated to insure that the bids will be within the project budget. The Work described by the Contract Documents is intended to be priced and performed by the successful contractor under an agreement between you and the successful contractor.

Contract Document Distribution-FTP site: 

Contract Documents are distributed from our FTP site for contractors, clients and consultants to download.  We also publish addendums, bulletins, shop drawings and important information that is too large to e-mail.   Documents can also be posted on the printers Webb site for contractor viewing and delivered at the owner’s request.

Final Cost Estimate


Construction Drawings


Project Manual (Specifications)