•  Detailed Plans

•  Furniture, Finishes and Equipment

•  Project Cost and Schedule Update

•  Final Design Presentation, Review & Approval

What To Expect


Detailed Plans:

Based on the approved Schematic Design and any adjustments authorized by you to the Program or Budget, we will prepare detailed drawings for all parts of your project.  These drawings will show partitions, furniture and equipment layouts, including any special design features to be incorporated into the floors, walls and ceilings.  Wall and floor coverings and colors will also be presented at this time as part of the interiors package.

Project Cost Estimate:  

A detailed cost estimate, based on the selected design option and on current costs for projects of similar scope and quality will be prepared.  This is the best time to make design changes before the Contract Document phase begins and the changes become more costly and difficult.  Many think that Architects do not know enough about construction costs to be able to control them.  We think it is essential for the Architect to know construction costs and be able to control the project budget.

Presentation/Review and Approval:

The completion of this phase will document in detail the final design criteria to be included in the project.  This will be submitted for your review and approval.