Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 189 Study

Architects for the design of a new 30,000 s.f. 2 ½ story future training facility for the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 189.  Facility includes a 29 station welding lab, Large tonnage lab, a piping lab, 3 main Classrooms, vertical plumbing training platform and offices.  Preliminary budget $ 7,500,000.


The Ohio State University, Ramseyer Hall

Architects for the design of a state-of-the-art teaching environment. This project consisted of 5,000 s.f. of space on the first floor of the College of Education where we created a training and communications center. This new philosophy incorporates today's technology of video and communication equipment with the instructional classroom. This concept brings together the arts of architecture, education and technology. We provided the space with all new finishes and large lab areas to develop and make instructional videos. Columbus, Ohio.

The Ohio State University, Hopkins Hall

Architects for the design of the new gas fired and electric kiln ceramic firing facilities for the OSU art department. Working with a ventilation consultant from Boston Massachusetts the project consisted of the design of a new ventilation system for the kiln rooms, 14 new kilns along with general upgrades to the ceramic art rooms. The project was accomplished in two phases. Due to the long lead time for the manufacturing of the kilns the specification and purchase of the equipment by the University became phase I. The design and bidding of the general renovation became phase II. Columbus, Ohio.

The Ohio State University, Postle Hall

Architects for the design of a new entrance canopy for the College of Dentistry. The brick and glass entrance addition included redesigning the site to include areas for vehicular drive up and drop off, seating areas, bicycle parking and landscaping. The project which appeared relatively simple became complicated by an underground utility tunnel and numerous utilities associated with the tunnel. The new entry was designed to span over the existing tunnel. Columbus, Ohio.

Central State University, Robeson Hall

Architects for the renovation of Central State University's Cultural Arts Center. Project involved the remodel of two theaters in Robeson Hall, including design development and construction documentation. Wilburforce, Ohio.

The Ohio State University, Means Hall

Architects for a 7,000 s.f. third floor wing renovation for the OSU Hospital Organ Transplant Department. The project consisted of a complete interior demolition and redesign program, utilizing an innovative space plan stressing academic offices and small conference areas. Project cost $515,000. Columbus, Ohio.