•  Data Collection

•  Program of Requirements

•  Program Report

Typical Microsoft Project Schedule

What To Expect


Data Collection:

We will review existing space utilization and future needs with department heads. We will develop space requirements for staff, equipment, storage and common areas, as well as other required spaces or expanded future spaces.  Initial findings will be reviewed with the team and further refined.

Program of Requirements:  

Space needs for each department and each space within the department will be documented in a Program of Requirements.  This information will be summarized by room as well as the adjacency requirements between rooms and departments.

Program Report: 

A program report will be published which summarizes the data.  This document will include an Executive Summary, Space and Staff Requirements, Adjacency Diagram, Strategic Issues, Budget, Schedule and Design Criteria, and will serve as the basic requirements for the remaining phases.  This becomes the Business Plan for the project, once the plan has been approved.