Project Management

•  Team Communication

•  Project Schedule

•  Project Budget

What To Expect

Every successful project begins with these three elements..

Communication: We are both part of the team.  

The flow of information between your contact person and our firm is essential.  We will assign a project team under the direction of a Project Manager who will serve as our firm’s contact person throughout the entire project.  The Project Manager assigned to your project will follow it throughout the programming, design and construction phases.  This ensures that information gathered about the project will not be lost along the way, and the ideas conceived in the beginning stages are carried through to fruition.

Typical Microsoft Project Schedule

Schedule:  We establish time targets.  

At the outset of the project, it is essential to establish a road map for decision-making.  As part of our responsibility for project organization, we will work with you to establish a Project Management Schedule that is responsive to your needs.  The schedule will commit the team to a decision making process within a given time frame.  We utilize “Microsoft Projects” for scheduling.

Budgets:  The best for the budget.  

We establish the budget for all elements of the Project from the very beginning and track the costs through the design phases to keep the Project within the budget.   In addition it is important that you have control over where, within the Project, you want your money spent.  We utilize the “Means Cost Data” estimating program that is updated quarterly to reflect current and accurate pricing data.