Bowling Center Prototype

We believe in building on the foundation of sport. This prototype has been developed for the bowling industry to help them enhance brand awareness and stimulate a targeted increase in sales. We are providing Architecture, interior design, Retail positioning, business planning and Merchandising.

Circle D Recreation

Architects for the exterior and interior renovation of this bowling, billiard and skating facility. The project scope included a complete resurfacing of the facade as well as interior modifications to the snack bar, changing areas and bowling center acoustical walls. The acoustical walls were of primary concern and customers are satisfied with the dramatic reduction in noise. Equally, the owner wanted a new exterior that would grab the customer’s attention from the street.

Since the renovation, the center has been performing at increased profits each year. Currently the center’s lineage is 75% higher than the national average for high producing lanes.

The project expenditures were $82,000 for the exterior and $144,000 for the interior. The return on these investments have enabled the owner to continue adding upgrades each year. The interior changes were initiated in 1994 with additional projects occurring until present. The exterior renovation was designed and constructed in 1999. Circleville, Ohio.