Schematic Design

•  Preliminary Design Concepts

•  Preliminary Project Budget

•  Presentation/Review & Approval


What To Expect


Preliminary Design Concepts:

We will proceed by developing preliminary design concepts for your project.  Based on program requirements, we will develop and present you with options to consider. These options will define the choices you have available and help you make the best decisions for your company.  The options will be presented to your people in 3D models for a better understanding of the design.


Project Budget:

A project budget will be established, based on the recommended design options and current costs for projects of similar scope and quality will be prepared.  Once we establish the budget at Schematic Design, we update our construction cost estimate at the end of the Design Development and Contract Document phases.

Typical Microsoft Project Schedule


Presentation/Review and Approval:

Bogden will present, for your approval, the preliminary design concepts, the options, the block plans, appropriate elevations and sections to explain the concept and the budget.